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Individuals with political opinions can be likened to human beings encircled by a group of powerful wrestlers. Presently, many neutral intellectuals remain silent. The situation in Gaza is marked by the disregard for rules of engagement and the existence of an oppressive system reliant on excessive power. In 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Saddam Hussein employed various justifications for the occupation.

He initially claimed that Kuwait was infringing on his rights, subsequently asserting that it was a patriotic Kuwaiti revolution seeking his assistance. He claimed that Kuwait was historically part of Iraq, which he was restoring. However, these assertions did not deceive the free world and informed individuals. There exist international rules that cannot be circumvented, and all countries, especially weaker ones, are obliged to adhere to these laws and regulations.

This is the reality of our world today. Adhering to international rules can secure your rights, as exemplified by Kuwait during the Iraqi occupation and Egypt’s actions following the October war, which included negotiations and the liberation of Sinai from Zionist occupation. Presently, the Arab people of Gaza find themselves caught between death and displacement once again. This is a significant tragedy that the world is neglecting, focusing instead on the victims of the occupying entity.

The situation may ultimately lead to the direct or indirect occupation of Gaza, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and property. The world may eventually forget this battle, just as it has with previous conflicts, leaving sorrow in the hearts of mothers and orphans. The management of the struggle in Gaza has been marred by the involvement of individuals ill-suited for the task. They have made errors in selecting their allies, at times aligning with their enemies to confront their adversaries. It is imperative to break the silence of neutral, educated Arabs.

Seminars under the auspices of the Arab League are necessary to enhance the knowledge of our people. Too often, individuals gather to promote harmful agendas under enthusiastic slogans that only lead to destruction. The time has come to respect the Palestinian people and uphold their right to a dignified life. Dignity should signify the preservation of life without need and fear, which is central to the ideals of Islamic sharia.

When victory in war is unattainable, there is no room for unnecessary death. If withdrawal or negotiation can protect the lives of your people, it is a right that should be exercised. This is why Khalid bin Al-Waleed was titled “Saif Allah Al-Masloul”, signifying a reluctance to needlessly sacrifice lives. The suffering is palpable in the hearts of our children and women in Gaza, with tears flowing.

We continue to pray for Allah’s mercy on the martyrs and the recovery of the ill. It is also essential to pray for wise leaders who can lead them to agreements that bring peace and ensure a secure life. Peace is something that the Zionist entity fears, as it is the genuine path to victory in accordance with international rules.

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