KUWAIT: A gay Nepalese man could not bear the taunts of his partner and other roommates in Subhan. So after a few drinks, he pulled out a knife, killed his boyfriend, cut up parts of his body and displayed them to those who had ridiculed him. He said he had taken revenge against the person who had dishonored him. The suspect was arrested and confessed to the murder.

Reckless drivers arrested

A large number of youths celebrated New Year by showing off their driving skills and endangering motorists, while a large number of spectators were watching. Three reckless drivers spent the night at the traffic department's holding cell. The stunts took place in Wafra, and when police responded to calls, the reckless drivers sped off, except for the three.

Search for swindler

Several female citizens complained at the criminal detectives department about a young swindler. They said the man lured them through Snapchat, and after they gave him money, he disappeared and did not answer their calls. The women said the man says he is a poet, and told them their money will be invested in the real estate market. They later discovered he had been jailed before on similar charges. Detectives said the suspect worked in three major real estate companies and was fired for breach of trust and had a bad reputation in the real estate market. He was also wanted for several other cases. Detectives are looking for him.

Campers attacked

An unidentified person entered a family camp and stabbed two persons. One of them is in critical condition and was admitted to Adan Hospital's intensive care unit. A security source said the suspect was drunk.

Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press