This picture released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows valuables and cash caught with thieves who stole them from Yarmouk homes.

KUWAIT: Capital
governorate detectives arrested a gang that burgled homes in Yarmouk. A team
was formed as soon as complaints were received from citizens, and
investigations led to the identification of the first accused, who was arrested
in his Jleeb house, where they found a quantity of stolen jewelry and money. He
confessed to the thefts, adding that he got rid of the clothes he used during
the burglaries. He then told police about the second accused, who also had
jewelry. He also told police about his other partner, the third accused. The
two were sent to concerned authorities as detectives are working on arresting
the third accused.

Attacked caught

The relations and
security information department gave more information over a video clip
circulating on social media in which unidentified assailants attacked two
citizens with sharp objects in Messila. It said Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives
arrested one suspect and are looking for the second one, while the third is out
of the country. A warrant is being prepared for his arrest.

By Hanan