KUWAIT: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) launched a fund raising campaign till October 12, to help bedoon students pay their tuition fees. KRCS have received 13,000 applications to join its 'Educate for a brighter Kuwait' campaign which was launched last Saturday at the Avenues designed to raise funds to educate the children from needy families in Kuwait. KRCS's human resources development manager, Lama Al-Othman said that 2,500 students will be selected from those who match the conditions to pay part of their tuition fees. She added that many citizens and expats have already started donating for this project.

Contracts terminated

High-ranking sources at the Ministry of Information stressed that contracts of a number of typists and technicians working at the news and political programs sector had been terminated as part of the ministry's policy of terminating contracts with non-ministry employees. The sources added that the decision helps Kuwaitize all jobs in the sector that is highly capable of dealing with any job-related problems.

Competitiveness index

The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 issued by the World Economic Forum ranked Kuwait fifth amongst Arab states and 52nd Worldwide on its competitiveness index. The index that included 137 countries had Switzerland on top of the list followed by the United States in second place and Singapore in third place. The index uses 12 indicators in ranking countries according to their institutions, infrastructure, general economic environment, health, basic education, high education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, developing stock marks, readiness for technology, market size, business development and creativity.

Refinery employees

Kuwait Integrated Petrochemical Industries Company (KIPIC) announced that the third and last batch of former Shuaiba refinery employees including 160 team heads, engineers and operators have joined the company. KIPIC's CEO, Hashim Hashim stressed that this last group will be an important addition to the company and will play a major role in operating Al-Zour refinery. Al-Zour refinery's Deputy CEO Hatem Al-Awadhi said that the group includes people with major skills and that they be subjected to special training programs at Mina Abdullah and Al-Zour units.

By A Saleh