Four detectives and two Syrians held for theft

KUWAIT: Four detectives and two Syrians were arrested for breaking into a man’s house and robbing a safe. The suspect were identified through CCTV footage that the complainant provided to police. The four detectives broke into the citizens’ house looking for an unlicensed weapon, leaving the door broken. The owner was surprised on returning home to find out that the safe was missing. The six, including the four detectives were arrested for questioning and further legal action by Salmiya police station.

Officer injured
A driver of a rundown truck failed to escape from police, but ran over a technician deliberately. The incident took place in Kabd when officers at a checkpoint noticed the truck and decided to impound the vehicle for safety reasons. The driver ran over the technician while trying to escape, but was stopped and detained. The officer was sent to hospital for treatment.

Smuggling foiled
Two hashish rolls and 1,500 Tramadol tablets were found with an Egyptian man minutes after he arrived to Kuwait. The man was taken from Kuwait International Airport directly to the Drugs Control General Department for further action.

Without a license
“Be like a horse, and never get tired by taking this product.” This promotion was written on a man’s social media account which he used to sell aphrodisiacs without a proper license. Police had stopped a car that turned out to be reported missing by a car rental agency. Police noticed a bag of drugs next to the driver, and asked him about it. The man, bedoon (stateless), said the drugs were sexual stimulants, and that he sold them online for KD 45 per box. He was taken to the proper authorities to face charges. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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