KUWAIT: Four Indians were arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh with possession of heroin. Patrol officers had found the suspects in a suspicious place, and arrested them after discovering that they were under the influence of drugs. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Intruder stabbed

A citizen stabbed a stranger who entered his house in Naseem five times, then handed him to police. The citizen said he was surprised by the man in his house and attempted to catch him, but he resisted and tried to beat him, so he stabbed him. The house owner was also sent for questioning.

Family dispute

Two brothers struck a Yemeni man with an axe on his head and chest and pulled a firearm at him due to earlier disputes. The Yemeni had went to the house of his sister's in-laws in order to get her belongings, but a man emerged and started beating him. The attacker's brother then came out with a firearm, and following an argument, one of the brothers brought an axe and hit the Yemeni on the head. The victim's own brother went to Naeem police station and filed a complaint. Investigations are underway.


Two Nepalese and a Filipina stole the contents of a beauty salon where they worked and disappeared, according to the owner. Investigations are underway. Meanwhile, a thief stole KD 3,000 and smartphones from a policeman's house. The victim lodged a complaint at Saad Al-Abdullah police station. The policeman found the door broken and discovered the theft when he looked for the money in the bedroom's cupboard. Jahra detectives are working on the case. - Translated from the Arabic press