Foul odor leads to dead body’s discovery

KUWAIT: This photo provided by Kuwait Fire Services Directorate yesterday shows a firefighter breaking open the door of an apartment where a dead body was found.

KUWAIT: Foul odor coming from inside a Salmiya apartment led police to discover the death of its dweller three days before. Fire operations received a call regarding the odor, so they broke the door and found the body which was recovered by the coroner.

Bogus office
Residency Affairs Detectives busted a bogus domestic help office that operating illegally and gave fake receipts to people hiring domestic helpers. Officers raided the office and arrested 11 men, in addition to seven women who were discovered to be reported absconding by their sponsors. The detainees were sent to concerned authorities. Separately, detectives discovered 11 companies that have commercial licenses sponsoring 44 people, though they are closed and did not have any activities. Security restrictions were placed on the companies and those sponsored by them.

Seven people were arrested for forgery in travel documents while 178 wanted people were detained at Kuwait International Airport last month, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday. A statement released by the Relations and Security Information Department revealed that 1,102,280 passengers travelled through Kuwait International Airport during September. The number of arrivals was 685,368 including 237,342 Kuwaitis, while departures were 416,912, including 140,138 Kuwaitis. Thirteen people were allowed in the country after the deportation orders were lifted.

Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department said a campaign was carried out in Salhiya and resulted in issuing 200 citations for violation of the law that bans littering on pavements.

Brewery busted
Ahmadi police busted a liquor brewery in Sabah Al-Ahmad residential area. Patrol officers roaming the area noticed a man and a woman trying to flee, but they were arrested. When questioned, they said they were running a ‘liquor factory’ in the area, where 89 full drums, four fermentation drums and 173 full bottles were found.

An Egyptian electrician was electrocuted to death while working in a Hadiya house and flung afar. Police received a call about his death, so they went to the house. Forensics personnel collected evidence, while police questioned other workers to find out the details of the accident.

Dangerous stunts
Several reckless drivers resisted Ahmadi police while performing dangerous stunts in Wafra. Nine of them were arrested and their vehicles were impounded. Interior Ministry operations received a call about a group of reckless drivers who had blocked a road with the help of a crowd, then started performing stunts, endangering motorists. Police surrounded the area and some of the suspects resisted, but nine citizens and expats were arrested.

Smuggling foiled
Kuwait airport customs officers arrested an Asian who attempted to smuggle around four kilograms of marijuana in his luggage. The man seemed nervous when he arrived at the baggage claim area, so his bag was searched and the drug was found in it. The suspect will be sent to Drugs Control General Department.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies


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