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Forces on alert as Abdaly cell suspects hide in ‘embassy’

Security force

KUWAIT: Security sources believe fugitives of the so-called ‘Abdaly terror cell’ are hiding in an embassy while denying rumors about storming the Iranian embassy to arrest them, as this is contrary to diplomatic principles. But a security expert said this does not prevent the interior ministry from setting up a security cordon in the area of the embassy to send a message that the interior ministry will arrest the fugitives by any means possible.


Security force

Meanwhile, security sources said acting Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Affairs Maj Gen Ali Madhi ordered the entire general security force to be on duty until the end of the month. The forces will man checkpoints in selected areas from 6:00 pm until 6:00 am. A force of 13 patrol vehicles will be headed by Ahmadi Security General Manager Brig Abdullah Saffah with two brigadiers and five lieutenant colonels, while each patrol will have an officer from the security departments of Kuwait’s six governorates. The sources said the reason behind these steps is to hasten the arrest of the Abdaly cell fugitives.


The so-called Abdaly cell includes 26 Kuwaitis and one Iranian who were arrested over spying for Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Sixteen of the terrorist suspects were reported to have escaped to Iran by the sea in speedboats last month. In August 2015, Kuwait said it had smashed the cell and seized arms, ammunition, and explosives.

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