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KUWAIT: As the world transforms and evolves, so does the First English Daily in the Arabian Gulf—Kuwait Times (KT) Newspaper. The transition from analog to digital has been a significant trend in the media over the past few years. With the increasing prevalence of digital technology and the rise of the internet, Kuwait Times has harmonized traditional print publications with the online platform graphically and tactically.

KT’s archive and digital transformations have made it a cyberspace for the past, present, and future. Kuwait Times has moved from typewriter to just a click. Over the years, the newspaper has provided readers with digital content through its interactive websites, mobile apps, and online portals. The print media and online platforms offer readers feature articles, editorials, award-winning photos, and up-to-date news related information.

To enhance wider coverage and readership, the newspaper introduced a free digital subscription where readers pay just nothing to access the premium contents online and on their mobile phones. As if that were not enough, the Kuwait Times extended its tentacles to social media. This platforms have been very explosive and interactive. The social media handles are making it easier for people to voice their opinions and areas of concern.

These moves have allowed Kuwait Times to reach a wider audience, adapt to changing reader preferences, and explore new revenue streams. Kuwait Times has sophisticatedly evolved and has been able to maintain its leading role in the industry while keeping the old media tradition. Just like other media industries across the globe, the transition from analog (the typewriter era) to digital has enabled KT to explore, expand its reach, and engage with its readers in a new and informative way, thus creating a new business module.

KT traces convergence and innovation processes in an explorative manner, and that’s what makes it unique. Above all, the management is top-notch. It has always evolved in an exponential and progressive manner. At every point in time, Kuwait Times has always employed the best of the best. In the Kuwait Times, we always have good management (leaders) who are always at the forefront to guide and direct, thus making everyone a media scholar and researcher. This change in business modules and media practices transformed KT into a faculty of the past, present, and future.

The change is also reflected in its journalism, focusing on topics that matter and more in-depth reporting. While video and social media reporting have turned out to be important elements in attracting new subscribers and readership, KT, however, retains its print media for tangibility sake. The print newspaper is for a wide range of people who still prefer to hold, flip through, and grab a copy of the newspaper.

The tactile experience of a printed version can be enjoyable and remains satisfying for many people, and Kuwait Times acknowledges that. With a lot of fake information in the digital world, some people still perceive print media as more trustworthy and reliable. The physical nature of print media creates a sense of authenticity and reliability. Just like Jesica Clint (a Kuwait Times subscriber) said, “For verified and authentic information, please grab a copy of Kuwait Times.”