Ramona Crasto
Ramona Crasto

Does humanity exist? This question seems to baffle people today. On one side terrorist attacks have paralyzed the world while on the other hand there seems to be no solution to it. This is the bigger picture but how do we solve the bigger problem without finding solutions to the smaller ones happening within our vicinity. What is humanity? In simple words, it means showing kindness and love to other humans in our darkest hours.

Children are the purest form of bliss and love. Their little cry can bring tears to anyone's eyes. Recently, a friend of mine told me a heart breaking story. Her niece, a beautiful little two year old fell sick. Her worried family took her to the doctor who then advised that they take her to Mubarak al Kabeer hospital in Jabriya immediately.

But when her family reached there, they faced a major problem. The procedures require that to see a doctor, they need to have a government stamp. Unfortunately the timing was very late and the stamp machines were all empty. Helpless they waited for the staff to help them and figure out a way to solve this tiny problem as the child was suffering from high fever.

"Without the stamp we cannot help you, we are sorry," explained one of the staff. They family were aghast.

What about in cases of emergency? The child was suffering from a very high fever and the family were ready to pay for the stamp, they only needed one urgently. Yet no one helped with a solution.

It's understandable that the government should have proper procedures in place. But red tape should not endanger the health of any one, especially a small, sick child.

How do we solve national issues when issues like this are causing life and death situations at times. Small steps alone make a big change and this is a change we really need right now in a world where humanity is just an emotion and humans are just beings living ruthless lives.

By Ramona Crasto

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