Five wanted for selling 600 visas to workers

KUWAIT: The residency affairs department recently referred a human trafficking case to public prosecution, said security sources, noting that five fake farm owners had been involved in selling 600 visas to laborers they brought into the country and left them without any jobs. The sources added that two of the five suspects have already been arrested while search and arrest warrants were issued for the remaining three.

Cops held for robbery
Four citizens, including two policemen, and a Saudi man were recently arrested in Salmiya for multiple robberies, said security sources, noting that the gang had robbed several expats using a toy gun to threaten them. Case papers indicate that a Sri Lankan man had called police to report that a gang had stopped and robbed him. A police patrol rushed to the scene and managed to arrest the suspects, who confessed to committing several other robberies using the toy gun they had.

Fatal accident
A Bangladeshi man died in an accident that happened when a ready mix truck ran him over at Mina Abdullah, said security sources, noting that initial investigations showed that the truck’s driver does not have a driver’s license. The driver was detained pending further investigations.

Smuggling foiled
A Pakistani man was recently arrested in Salmi while trying to smuggle in a kilogram of ‘Ice’ (methamphetamine) hidden in secret places on his truck, said security sources, noting that the man was arriving from a neighboring GCC state when custom inspectors searched his truck and found the drugs.

Drunk harassers
Jahra detectives recently arrested three drunk citizens, including one sentenced to five years prison, for harassing women jogging in Na’eem area.

Fraud case
A female citizen reported that a hacker who managed to hack her lifelong friend’s WhatsApp account contacted her twice pretending to be the real friend, and claimed that she needed money for urgent matters while being in Morocco. The woman told police that she transferred a total of KD 1,182 to her friend, before she realized that the account had been hacked. A fraud case was filed. – Translated from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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