Five-member gang busted

electricity-generatorsKUWAIT: A five-member gang who specialized in stealing electricity generators from farms, ranches and camps was recently arrested. Security said that scores of generators were also found their possession.

Kuwaiti boy killed
A 14-year-old Kuwaiti was instantly killed and three of his relatives were injured when their vehicle flipped over along Wafra highway. In another development, a vehicle caught fire at Salmiya cooperative parking lots. Security sources said that the fire destroyed the entire vehicle. No casualties were reported.

House fire
Fire broke out in a Saad Al-Abdullah house, said security sources, noting that the fire had started from a short electric circuit. The power was later disconnected to fight the flames after evacuating the residents from house. No casualties were reported.

Trapped in elevator
A number of citizens were trapped recently inside an elevator when it developed a fault in Jaber Al-Ali area. Firemen rushed to the scene and managed to rescue the trapped people.

Bags of hashish
A citizen recently reported that a fisherman working for him had ‘fished’ out two bags of hashish while fishing near Kubbar Island.

By Hanan Al-Sa’doun

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