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First professional boxing exhibition in Kuwait

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Representative of World Boxing Council (WBC) in Kuwait Mishaal Al-Fajji said the first professional exhibition match in Kuwait will be held between British boxer Jimmy Kelly and gold medal winner at the World Youth Championship and Russia’s Magomed Kurbanor – in a four-round match to be held on Saturday as part of Kuwait second martial arts championship.

Al-Fajji said the second Martial Arts Championship will have six other bouts. The final match will be for the WBC Muay Thai fight between Spain’s Trojeleo and Thailand’s Rachanon. Al-Fajji said the organizers are keen on making Kuwait an important venue of professional boxing. “We exerted great efforts in the past months in cooperation with the sponsors to make Kuwait host a high level boxing world match and Muay Thai, and we will continue working hard to attract the best boxers in the world,” he said.

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