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Fireman dies after battling blaze

KUWAIT: Fireman Maj Abdulaziz Al-Dawas from Salmiya fire brigade died a few hours after volunteering to deal with a fire in his neighbor’s house in Bayan. Investigations are being held to find out whether the fire caused the death or if it was of natural causes. Retired Maj Gen Khalil Al-Amir said it is possible smoke inhalation caused the death. He said Dawas noticed the fire on the roof of his neighbor’s house, and although he was off-duty, he dealt with the fire as firemen arrived and put out the blaze. He said he was later told that Dawas was taken to hospital, where he died.

Domestic violence
A 35-year-old Serbian woman accused her 44-year-old Bosnian husband of beating her and submitted a medical report. She said the incident took place in their Nuzha home due to a domestic dispute. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti woman said four women and their father beat her and damaged her luxury car. Investigations are being held in both cases.

Suicide report
Two Indians committed suicide by hanging themselves in Salwa and Khaitan within 12 hours, according to police. A friend of the deceased in Khaitan said he hanged himself after a dispute with an Indian woman. It is not known whether she is his wife or not. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa


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