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Finals of Bowling World Tour today

KUWAIT: The finals of the Bowling World Tour will be played today with the participation of 12 top players from both genders from around the world. The finals with a total prizes of $32,500 will be played at Kuwait Bowling Center, with the top winner bagging $12,500.
This one-day event, comes on the heels of the great success the 25th Asian Championship and Kuwait Open enjoyed, making Kuwait the focus of bowling sport lovers.

This is the first in the history of world open tournaments, supervised by the International Bowling Federation headed by Sheikh Talal Al-Mohammad, the tour will witness a championship as the “finals” with the participation of an elite group of bowlers, where the best three ranked players in 2019 of both genders will find themselves facing a player from the Asian, European and the Americas bowling federations.
The continental federations selected Malaysia’s Rafiq Ismail and Singapore’s Cherie Tan from Asia, Iceland’s Arnar Johnson and Sweden’s Ana Anderson from Erupe, American Nick Pate and Colombian Clara Guerrero from the Americas to participate in the final.

Today’s rounds will be played in two stages the first is a preliminary in the morning, where each player must go through six rounds where the top three qualify to the final, which will take place in the evening.
Meanwhile, 16 players competed in the 13 round the final of Kuwait Open which concluded yesterday, they are Australia’s Sam Cooley, Iceland’s Arnar Johsnon, Hong Kong’s Michael Mak, Danish Thomas Larsen, England’s Stewart Williams, America’s Nick Pate, America’s Danielle McEwan, Kuwait’s Mustafa Al-Mousawi, America’s Brad Miller, America’s Tommy Jones, Canada’s Mitch Hope, Sweden’s Martin Larson, England’s Dom Barrett, Venezuela’s Ildemaro Ruiz, America’s AJ Johnson and Finland’s Osku Palermaa.

America’s AJ Chapman said this is the first time he competed in the Middle East in the open, and he lauded the organization and high level and this what will make him come again to compete here.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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