Filipina raped after friend lures her to trap

KUWAIT: A woman went to a location where a friend had invited her to a party. Instead, she found herself soon after arrival left alone with a man, who raped her and stole her belongings before escaping. The 28-year-old Filipina told police that she left her residence in Saad Al-Abdullah and went to a Fahaheel apartment where her friend called her to come over. When she arrived, she found her friend, also Filipina, alone in the apartment. Her friend then left her and said she wanted to go out to be some stuff. Soon afterwards, a man that she has never met before entered the apartment, raped her then stole her phone, IDs and KD 350 in cash from her before escaping, she told officers. A case was filed for investigations.

Marital disputes
A citizen was surprised to find out that his wife and the mother of his children is married to another man, and had a baby girl with the other guy. The woman reportedly married again while she and her first husband were still in the process of divorce. The husband’s lawyer told police that he received documents showing that his client’s wife married another man and had a daughter with him though she was still legally married to his client. Calling her actions ‘criminal,’ the lawyer said that she would pursue legal action to have his client’s wife tried for adultery and forgery in official documents.

Attempted murder
A lawyer accused a citizen of attempted murder, saying that the man fired from a firearm at his direction. He pressed charges at Jahra police station and investigations are ongoing in the case. According to a security source, the complainant said that he was in his car when the suspect suddenly appeared and tried to stop him. When the lawyer did not stop, the man pulled a pistol and shot at him but missed.

Thief overpowered
A thief who attempted to rob an Egyptian man in Fahaheel area was beaten hard by the would be victim, then he handed him over to police. A security source said the man was jumped by the thief who attempted to rob him. The man resisted, exchanged blows with the suspect and managed to overpower him, before handing him over to a police.

Drug abuse
Patrol officers pulled over a vehicle near Kuwait Towers for reckless driving. The driver as well as two passengers were found to be under the influence of drugs, and with possession of drug paraphernalia. Police sent the suspects to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD), where they were discovered to be third-year students at Saad Al-Abdallah Security Sciences Academy. The three were sent to the academy for legal action.

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