Fighting terrorism requires ‘battle of ideas’: Ghanem – GCC top legislators conclude 9th meeting

Marzouq Al-Ghanem
Marzouq Al-Ghanem

RIYADH: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Speakers of Shura, House of Representatives and National Assemblies concluded their 9th regular meeting yesterday. The final communiqué embraced many decisions, most importantly: combating terrorism, which will be the focal point of discussion in future meetings.

Participants in the meeting unanimously expressed a strong condemnation of terrorism everywhere, stressing the importance of protecting the sovereignty of the GCC nations. The communiqué also tasked GCC parliamentary committees to study a number of laws and legislations regarding commercial agencies in order to promote industrial projects.
It also approved a work plan to enhance ties with the European Parliament, as well as parliaments of Latin America in the year 2016. The meeting saw the participation of Speaker of Kuwait National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem, MPs Ahmad Suleiman Al-Gudaibi, Ahmad Al-Enezi and National Assembly’s Secretary General, Allam Ali Al-Kanderi.

Positive results
Meanwhile, Ghanem described the meeting as “replete with positive results.” Numerous issues were discussed in the final meeting where it was agreed that GCC heads of legislative bodies would deal with these issues in concert with GCC leaderships, Ghanem told reporters after the meeting. “We wish that ideas arrived at in the meeting would find grounding in reality enabling the average GCC citizen to eventually benefit from them,” he said.

He praised the solidarity tangibly felt among GCC chief lawmakers. Asked about decisions the chief lawmakers made regarding the fight against terrorism, he said “there is no pat answer to the question of terrorism except that it must be confronted. As to how, this requires discussion and study.” “Fighting terrorism cannot be solely done through military action but requires a battle of ideas where results might pay off over the long run,” he said.

Parliamentary diplomacy
Earlier during the meeting, Chairman of Saudi Shura Council Dr Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh emphasized the importance of “parliamentary diplomacy” for resolving regional issues, namely by backing political efforts at other levels for boosting security and stability in the Gulf.

The region is witnessing various developments that require an active role at the level of parliamentary diplomacy, he said, alluding in particular to violations against the Holy Aqsa Mosque, fight against legitimacy in Yemen, conflicts in Syria and Iraq, besides terrorist operations in many parts of the world.

He expressed his appreciation for the efforts of GCC countries’ leaders and their keenness on developing their countries, besides defending causes of the nation. He also hailed role of GCC in enhancing cooperation and coordination in all fields, as well as strengthening ties among the GCC peoples. – KUNA

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