Following the severe measures Saudi Arabia took after the Mina accident, Qatar also took very strict ones against those responsible for the projects that were recently flooded by heavy rain, and the Prime Minister referred five major engineering companies to the public prosecution. The Qatari public prosecutor also ordered a travel ban against many general managers and advisors working for companies responsible for those projects.

Sociology, politics and history all clearly show that nations wishing to survive and maintain prosperity and progress and satisfy their people usually wage fierce wars against corruption that can wear out and undermine most countries, leading to their downfalls. On the other hand, countries that still live without caring for tomorrow or for the future of its future generations and countries that allow corruption and corrupt people to prevail and dominate only create more public grudges that may eventually lead to explosions. The main motive behind toppling many Arab regimes by revolutions in the 1950s followed by the 2011 revolutions was the dominance of corruption, which is the prime reason for peoples' anger.

Arab ministers of interior met in Doha a few days ago and agreed on a joint GCC effort to fight terrorism. Well, we do wish them all the best and remind them that terrorism flourishes and lives on corruption and the public anger it creates. It is financial establishments' corruption that is behind delivering terrorism funds to their final evil destinations. It was political and military leaders corruption and accepting bribes and commissions, regardless of their sources, rather than weapons and ongoing wars, that led to the fall of Iraqi and Syrian cities and governorates into the hands of IS one by one.

We do hope that the next GCC interior ministers' meeting would prioritize a project to fight corruption and set GCC blacklists including the names of corrupt officials and companies so that they could pursued in all six member states, which will be applauded by those countries' peoples and be terrifying and deterrent to corruption icons.

- Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Sami Al-Nisf