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Fashion House VoleeYu, a royal style that never goes out of style

Fashion House VoleeYu is a unique, authentic fashionable Ukrainian brand with its own special philosophy based on the centuries-old cultural heritage of mankind. VoleeYu is a combination of aristocratic fashion, designer accessories, expensive tableware design and royal interiors in one brand. Fashion House VoleeYu was created in 2014 by Katsianova Yuliia in Kiev, Ukraine. A successful architect and designer with 16 years of experience, Julia has created a unique fashion house of her own. The fashion house has combined all the directions in the world of design, which include the design of clothes, accessories, interiors and designer expensive gifts.

Q: Good afternoon, Yuliia! Please tell us about yourself and your work?
Good afternoon! My name is Katsianova Yuliia Vladimirovna, I am the owner of the international brand VoleeYu, a designer and architect with 16 years of experience, a TV presenter on Ukrainian television channels of the country, an artist, author and creator of unique accessories that are unique in the world. President of the Ukrainian Designers Association. Fashion House VoleeYu – was created in Ukraine, an authentic fashionable Ukrainian brand with its own special philosophy based on the centuries-old cultural heritage of mankind. VoleeYu is a combination of aristocratic fashion, designer accessories, expensive tableware design and royal interiors in one brand!

VoleeYu is the style of new aristocrats and a whole philosophy of life!
The brand has 4 main areas:
(1) Women’s clothing (suits, dresses, coats),
(2) Accessories (bags, shoes, belts, hats),
(3) Gold jewelry (jewelry accessories for the bathroom, dishes made of precious metals)
(4) Interiors (creation of author’s interiors, furniture, decor).
A unique combination of world masterpieces and new technologies in manufactured products!

Q: Your brand has an unusual name, tell me where the name comes from ?!
Yes, indeed, the brand name is of French origin, because I have a great-great-grandmother from an ancient aristocratic French family, but I was born in Ukraine. The name of the brand consists of two words Volee (from the French language – take-off, up, flight) and Yu (the name of Julia), so the brand’s products carry a lot of flight energy, take-off in life!

Q: What is the most distinctive feature of your products?
First of all, as an architect, I see the creation of products and accessories from a different angle. Characteristic recognition VoleeYu – the author’s diverse and unique embroidery, it is this feature of decorating fabrics and genuine leather that has become recognizable all over the world! Embroidered birds, people, architectural masterpieces, elements of the Baroque style, patterns from the walls of Versailles and much more, comes to life on fabrics in the collections of the VoleeYu brand!

Q: Please tell me, what great success has your brand made during its existence?
Over the 5 years of the brand’s existence, 20 thematic collections have been created, each of which is not like one another and impress with its creative scope and flight of thought. Each year 4 collections are created – this is a very high indicator, which is available in the world of world Fashion!
VoleeYu brand conquers one country after another, a boutique in France, presentation to America, Canada, Qatar, Monaco, Kazakhstan, UAE, China, Japan and many other countries. In May 2017, Prince of Monaco Albert II, personally noted the VoleeYu brand style!
Also, under the auspices of my brand, the Association of Designers of Ukraine was created in order to combine the creativity of Ukrainian talents and designers.

Q: What styles do you prefer? What inspires you?
I really love the nature and ancient architecture of Europe, there I feel inspired by the great heritage of mankind. All my work is saturated with historical styles, a symbiosis of antique products and the interweaving of unique ideas in conjunction with a modern look. I love birds, beautiful nature, castles and lakes, and I especially like to draw my collections on the shores of the oceans. The power of water gives a unique stream of creativity.
My favorite style is Baroque and Roccoco, because the style of Versailles has no equal anywhere in the world. I travel a lot and I know for sure that the most refined and thoughtful style that never leaves anyone indifferent is the Baroque style.

Q: Tell me, what was your way to the eastern countries? Why exactly the East?
I have long dreamed of getting to the East and creating beautiful elegant dresses and abaya for eastern women. My style is not like anyone else, so when my products were first shown in Dubai, they immediately found their customers. When creating collections for the East, I carefully studied and delved into the ornaments and traditions of the East. I created oriental dresses, but as a European designer, with my characteristic style and most importantly, embroideries, which is what my brand is famous for, were made in combining French ornaments from Versailles with oriental ornaments from mosques. Such things, carry in themselves, not only a very beautiful aesthetic component, but also an educational idea, because this is the union of two cultures.

Q: What did you create especially for women of the East? What are successful projects?
I can brag that I’m probably the first Ukrainian designer to be hosted in the house of Arab sheikhs. I am invited as a full-fledged member of the family in an Arab home, and this is important, because I see the needs and desires of oriental women, I see their traditions and communication, this gives me a unique opportunity to create original products for individual orders. Now I was invited to an Arabian wedding, from which I just flew from Abu Dhabi, I saw a real oriental feast, but most importantly, a large number of women were present at the wedding, to whom I created designer designer dresses and they were not like one another, but this important!
I was especially pleased, and I am proud that the dress for the bride of the second day of the wedding was made exactly by my brand VoleeYu!

Q: Tell me, please, how did you get to Kuwait? What brought you to us, share the information?
Yes, this is an interesting story! My visit to Kuwait was planned long ago with the help of our wonderful Ambassador of Ukraine to Kuwait, Alexander Balanutsa. I am proud that we have such wonderful state diplomats who contribute and help expand cultural ties and establish joint work with the state of Kuwait. Alexander Balanutsa introduced me to Bushra Alaidan, a famous Kuwaiti designer of wedding dresses, a meeting that took place in Dubai. And today, I brought a chic designer embroidered oriental dress for the bride on the second day of the wedding. Unfortunately, I could not attend the wedding, because I was invited to another wedding in Dubai.

Q: What are your plans for further stay in Kuwait?
“I have high hopes for a long-term cooperation in Kuwait, and I try very hard and make efforts to make my dresses and style like the women of Riyadh.” We also have an agreement with designer Bushra Alaidan that my dresses are perfectly suited to the style of oriental women, especially on the second day of the wedding, so my products will be placed in the salon of wedding dresses that can be seen by everyone. I really hope that my products will be in demand in Kuwait!

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