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Fake psychiatric patients, doctors won’t escape prison and fines

KUWAIT: Well-informed sources at the public prosecution’s office warned that severe penalties are currently being prepared for those pretending to suffer from psychiatric diseases or disorders as well as doctors who give them such certificates. “Penalties will vary between prison and fines,” said the sources.

The sources added that a government bill in this regard was meant to protect psychiatric patients’ rights and at the same time put an end to using such disorders as excuses to escape legal accountability after suspects commit crimes or felonies, do not report to work punctually or even get financial privileges or incentives.

The sources added that the bill due to be referred to the parliament soon would state the necessity to form more than one medical and psychiatric committee by MoH and the forensic medicine department including three forensic medicine psychiatrists to independently report on each case’s mental state. On his part, the parliamentary health affairs committee rapporteur MP Saadoun Hammad said that the committee was ready to discuss the bill. He added that MoH had set its priorities, including the psychiatric diseases issue, last week. – Al-Rai

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