Fake policemen steal bike

KUWAIT: Three thieves posing as detectives stole the motorcycle of a citizen and dumped him in an area behind Jabriya police station. A security source said while the citizen was riding his bike on Fahaheel Expressway, he was surprised by an SUV with three persons inside, who stopped him and claimed to be detectives. They asked him to go along with them, but as soon as he got off his bike, one of them got on it and rode away, while the other two took the biker to Jabriya and asked him to get out before driving off. Fintas detectives are investigating.

Kidnap foiled
Ahmadi governorate detectives are searching for two persons who attempted to kidnap a Jordanian girl from a mall. The girl said the two suspects behaved indecently with her and harassed her inside the mall, and after she left, one of the men attempted to bundle her in their car. The two groped her, but she managed to escape.

Shooting in Mangaf
Interior Ministry authorities are looking for a person who showered a diwaniya in Mangaf with bullets under mysterious circumstances, according to a preliminary investigation. Police from Abu Halaifa police station responded to a call about the firing, and when they arrived, the man who called told them that an unidentified person entered the diwaniya and fired his weapon before fleeing. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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