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Fake employment, rental of licenses crackdown

Dr Mohamed Al-Zuhair
Dr Mohamed Al-Zuhair

KUWAIT: Chairman of the National Fund to support small and medium enterprises, Dr Mohamed Al-Zuhair, said in remarks published yesterday that there are procedures and laws that are applied to prevent fake employment or rental of licenses for projects under the umbrella of the Fund.

Zuhair said, in an interview with the local Al- Rai newspaper, there is full coordination with government bodies that have judicial jurisdiction and others having the right to oversee the projects, adding that the Fund would counter any fake employment or issuance of licenses for the purpose of renting them to others.

He explained that the Fund would resort to the legal means should there is any violation of its regulation in this respect, stressing that this does not mean hindering development projects, being financed by the Fund. He also stated that it only takes a few days to consider and approve the new project, urging entrepreneurs to submit all needed documents when applying for funding. —KUNA

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