‘Fake colonel’

KUWAIT: Detectives are working on identifying a person who called Interior Ministry operations claiming to be a lieutenant colonel and asked for information about certain people. When operations officers checked on him, they found he was lying.

Addict beats sister
Detectives are working on arresting a drug addict who beat his eldest sister, took her ATM card and withdrew the amount left from her salary. The woman told police that her brother went to her house while her husband was out. He then asked her for KD 400, and when she refused, he beat her, took her debit card and forced her to tell him the PIN while threatening to beat her daughter. She said that 30 minutes later, she received an SMS from the bank telling her that KD 870 was withdrawn from her bank account. The woman called her husband, who rushed home, and when he saw the bruises on her face, he took her to the police station.

Illegal entry
A Gulf national accused two men for entering his house without permission, then escaping when they saw him. He noted down their car’s license plate number. Detectives are working on their arrest.

Under the influence
A Kuwaiti in his 30s was arrested by Fahaheel police for suspicions of being drunk, and will be sent to forensics to determine whether he had alcohol in his blood. Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who collided with two patrol cars, then escaped on foot, leaving his friend and a car with two collapsed tires behind. The suspects will be charged with DUI and damaging public property. The car was impounded.

Bottles of liquor
Ahmadi police arrested an Argentinean and an Indian with a large amount of liquor they were selling to expats. The two escaped when policemen approached the car they were in, but were caught and brought back to the car, which contained 109 large and 17 small bottles. – Al Rai/Al Anbaa


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