As part of our occasional series exploring various areas of Kuwait, Kuwait Times visited Jahra to learn more about this historical residential area.
Jahra is located to the northwest of Kuwait City and is connected by a series of ring roads. It is the capital and oldest area of Jahra governorate. The area was known for its wells and cultivation of palm trees and vegetables in the past, but with urbanization, the green cover has shrunk. Jahra also has some historic relevance to Kuwait's history, as the Red Palace was the site of a famous battle.

"Jahra is one of the largest governorates in Kuwait. It has undergone major development and transformation," resident Ahmed Al-Turki told Kuwait Times. He added Jahra has a historical national park, but the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources must take care of it to serve the people of the area, and concerned parties must pay more attention and make it beautiful again as it is located in the heart of the province in a strategic place.

"The Jahra nature reserve is a good place to visit, as it is located 19 km west of Kuwait Bay and is considered one of the most biologically diverse locations in the country with various species of animals, birds and fish dwelling there," he said.

For Faisal Al-Areefan, Jahra is a great place to live, as it takes you back to the original and traditional way of life of Kuwait. "But we seek a solution to put an end to the recklessness of young people who drift in the area and endanger the lives of people."

Abu Hamad told Kuwait Times that residents of old Jahra's blocks 1 and 2 want more services, stressing the importance of developing the waterfront of Jahra to become an entertainment place for the people of the area. He added stray dogs are common in old Jahra and cause many injuries. "The area needs attention. Streets need maintenance, as flying gravel is damaging the windows of most cars," he said.

Photos show public spaces in Jahra. Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Faten Omar