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Expats leaving airport must pay fees: Jeeran

MP Dr Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran
MP Dr Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran

KUWAIT: MP Abdurrahman Al-Jeeran called for collecting fees from expatriates leaving through Kuwait International Airport. He also demanded establishing balance between the number of the different expatriate populations in Kuwait, as well as between their numbers and the requirements of Kuwait’s development plans “and their role in vital projects.” On that regard, he also suggested reducing the number of communities “especially those with high crime and law-breaking rates.”

Furthermore, Jeeran argued that the government has the right to inspect expats’ bank accounts and examine incomes and account movements “if that serves the state’s highest interests.” He said that this can be possible through the ‘free access law’ which he says allows the government to check bank accounts even if the Central Bank of Kuwait’s law protects accounts’ confidentiality. He claimed that this practice is being followed in the Eurozone countries.

Moreover, Jeeran stressed that fees on services should be taken from all expats without discrimination “that can leave a negative political effect on Kuwait.” On that regard, he suggested increasing fees collected for issuing or renewing visas, health insurance, and driver’s licenses, as well as public hospital and clinics’ fees, saying that the fact that Kuwait’s expatriate population has exceeded three million people should be taken into consideration.

Jeeran had last week proposed a ‘roadmap’ to help address Kuwait’s demographic imbalance problem by ‘sorting’ the expatriate population based on expats’ financial and legal positions. According to the proposal, expats’ bank accounts should be examined to identify their income levels, and expats should undergo training courses in their field of specialty. “Whoever passes stays and is required to pay fees, and whoever fails for two times is deported,” he said. The same lawmaker was quoted earlier last week suggesting that Kuwait’s demographic imbalance should be discussed as a priority when the National Assembly resumes sessions late October. – Al-Rai

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