Expats and ungratefulness

Religiously speaking, we refuse to slander our expatriate brothers and sisters who are our siblings in religion, Arabism and humanity. They have undeniably done us favors, even if they are paid to do their jobs.

We are the ones who needed their support, and still do. We have recruited some to teach our children, others to design and construct our infrastructure, others to keep our environment clean, disease-free and habitable, and others to provide us with medical services. An old Arab says that: “I become forever indebted to anyone who teaches me even one letter!”

Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) Hadith  also glorifies productive workers when he said: “It would be better for a man to go out logging instead of begging people for charity.” Those expat siblings of ours came to this country at our request to do decent, regular jobs and be paid for them. They did not climb walls or infiltrate our border against our will. So, it is unacceptable under any circumstances to offend them by insulting statements!

Kuwait is a sovereign country. It is not a new one. The topic of demography has been subject to discussion since the state was founded, and we began hosting expats to help develop our country. Only the ungrateful amongst us would deny the favors they have done us. The issue has been discussed at length, and the state is the sole decision-maker.

This issue has social, cultural, economic and political dimensions and should not be summed up by clumsy media statements attempting to flirt with voters, the majority of whom see all sides of this particular issue.

We therefore urge reasonable executives and legislators to study the matter meticulously and objectively to make the right decisions that would serve your country and people. We hope this will lead them to adjust demography according to realistic, scientific measures without offending our expat siblings and  partners in development.

Therefore, lawmakers, the ones elected by the people, let us replace slogans and statements with legislation and reform, because the people who chose you expect you to seek true reform rather than staging scenes. The people want real representatives, not actors and actresses!  — Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Awadh Al-Fadhli

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