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Expatriates’ KU scholarships might be canceled

KUWAIT: After the start of Kuwait University’s admission of expatriate students who will be studying on their own expense, the Ministry of Higher Education is now studying the cancelation of the scholarship program for 50 non-Kuwaiti high school graduates which the minister selects every year based on their grades.

“Scholarships for 50 students given by the Minister of Higher Education does not make sense and is not fair, given that other students are paying fees for their classes,” sources told Kuwait Times. “The previous procedure included accepting expatriates based on vacancies after the acceptance of Kuwaitis and children of Kuwaiti mothers in order to reward high achieving expatriate students, especially since one of the factors that lower KU’s rating is the lack of non-Kuwaiti students.”

Even though many students have applied for this sponsorship this year, the plans for cancelation is very likely; if not for this year, it will be for the next academic year, according to the sources. “Kuwait University will not increase its sponsorship as many embassies have requested, as current vacancies cannot hold more students, especially since students studying on their own fees have been accepted,” the sources clarified after many embassies expressed its hopes to increase expat students eligible for scholarship.

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