Expat girl beats her mother to death

KUWAIT: In a bizarre incident highlighting filial ingratitude towards parents, a Lebanese girl beat her 60-year-old mother to death, security sources said. The girl was arrested. According to case papers, the Lebanese girl living in an annex in Kaifan with her elderly mother called the police reporting that her aging mother died of natural causes. However, crime scene investigation (CSI) revealed that the mother’s corpse had some marks of injuries indicating that she had been severely assaulted and that she had been fighting for her life before passing out.

While cross examining the woman’s acquaintances, the girl fainted and later confessed to committing the crime. She reportedly hit and kicked her mother for more than ten minutes until she succumbed to her wounds. The alleged killer justified her action by claiming that her mother was ungrateful to her late father and she always refused to visit his grave in Kuwait.

In a similar incident, a citizen was arrested for beating up his own daughter in her twenties to death. The father reportedly assaulted the daughter to death over her alleged disobedience.

Two policemen arrested

KUWAIT: As part of its plan to train its staff according to the latest development and technologies, Ministry of Interior MoI’s Training Department recently concluded a training course title ‘Investigating computer and itinerant human trafficking related crimes’. The course was organized in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the period of September 4-8 at the UN’s headquarters. In another development, MoI’s Relation and Media Security Department recently announced that the Correctional Facilities Directorate has arrested two policemen. The suspects were trying to smuggle banned electronic devices into Kuwait Central Prison, security sources said.

Firemen battle blaze
Five fire teams were dispatched yesterday morning to battle a huge fire that broke out at a metal industry headquarters in Amgra. The fire teams said the fire started in the waste dump. Firemen managed to control the fire and prevented it from spreading to adjacent buildings. No casualties were reported. Another fire broke out in a Jabriya apartment. Security sources said that firefighters from Hawally and Shohada rushed to the scene and evacuated the building. Firemen managed to control the fire and prevented it from spreading to other floors.

Massive security campaign
In a massive security campaign in all the governorates recently, security forces arrested the total of 150 people. According to MoI’s Relations and Media Security Department, the campaign included checking IDs and legal statuses of pedestrians and motorists. The report explained that 17 people who had been wanted for various cases were arrested, 43 absconders were arrested, 50 were arrested for not holding any ID, 34 were arrested for holding expired residency visas and 4 were arrested for drug related cases. The sources added that 315 traffic tickets were issued.

KAC – technical problems
A KAC flight heading to Istanbul yesterday returned to Kuwait International Airport 30 minutes after takeoff due to some technical problems. On detecting the malfunction, the pilot reported to Kuwait Airport and was given permission to land. A substitute plane was provided and the passengers resumed their flight safely.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun


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