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Exciting competition in Kuwait 9-ball Championship

Players in action
Players in action

KUWAIT: Director of Kuwait Annual 9 Ball Tournament being held at Hot Shot Plazio Hall in Hawally expressed his pleasure at the launch of the 33rd tournament in which more than 160 players both professional and juniors, also for the large crowd that contributed to the tournament’s success.

He expected the tournament to see a strong competition in upcoming games as many players have shown outstanding performance and wished the tournament success, and Arab players winning.

Meanwhile, the tournament saw heated competition in many games, and the following are the names of the winners who moved to the second round: Abdelkareem Al-Otaibi, Mohammad Al- Shimmari, Bashar Al-Kandari, Mohammad Akbar, Hussein Al-Qallaf, from Kuwait, Mohammad Al- Sheikh, Yousuf Al-Hasawi, and Ahmad Al-Naji from Saudi Arabia, Adnan Al-Fares, Mainard Fal, Raed Al- Zaid, Khalid Sayyaf and Ehab Al-Beiruti from Lebanon, Muhannd Al-Khateeb, Al-Khateeb, Abdelaziz Al-Muzaini and Ali Ghizlan from Syria, Nawaf Al-Duwaihees, Saad Al-Shimmari and Mohammad Al-Dousary from Saudi Arabia, Bashar Hussein from Qatar, Ali Al Jabbar, Abdallah Al- Enezi, Mohammad Al-Humoud, Hussein Al-Harby, Alfes Fal, Ali Al-Kandary, Mohammad Al-Darweesh and Mifreh Al-Baqmi from Saudi Arabia, Abdallah Al-Qattan, Ali Diab, Faraj Mohammad, Mohammad Jouhar, Marco Serb, Ali Al-Arbeed, Abdelrazaq Saeed, Ahmad Shukrallah and Ahmad Al-Housanni from UAE, Eric Fal, Fahad Al-Juwaied, Mohammad Al-Ameeri, Ahmad Al-Dulaimi, Saqer Al-Khalidy, Fahad Al-Rashidi, Ali Al-Shalaby, Abdallah Al- Sheeha, Abdelmohsen Abdelrazaq, Abdelaziz Al- Awadhi, Farouq Shaaban from Syria, Rashid Al- Khateeb, and Mishal Al-Kandari. It is expected that those players will have heated and exciting competition.

Saudi player Mohammad Al-Darweesh said he was happy to participate in the tournament which has a large number of professionals and hoped to be on the winning side. He also thanked the organizing committee under the leadership of Fahad Al-Ghunaim for their care and providing all means of succes

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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