Enough dark sides

The majority of people in our country only look at the dark sides of things and none ever probes bright sides. All hearts are full of dissatisfaction. The culture of blame is dramatically prevailing. Our souls are very angry. Our minds’ radars never rest, fishing for minor mistakes to magnify, highlight and promote them in a world of resentment.

It seems as if we find solitude and condolence in weeping and grumbling and we have become experts in turning joys to sorrows, weddings to funerals and bright days into gloomy dark nights.

The fact that a traffic policeman gave a minister a parking ticket when his driver parked in a space allotted for the handicapped is something good and a noble manifestation of equal law enforcement on everybody including a minister in office. However, this righteous act was met with a great deal of anger, resentment and criticism.

Things seem to be upside down and right things turned into bad ones, positive things turned into negative ones. The entire incident created a state of lamentation, wailing, weeping and criticism of the government.

Annoyed reactions towards ticketing the minister, which should be met with joy, admiration and praise for security men, were very odd and strange ones that create feelings of pain in a country where everybody lives as if they were cowboys in gun duels to find the fastest shooters; a country where eyes go around fishing for faults to hold special crying ceremonies dominated by sorrow and lamentation over general situations in the country.

—Translated by Kuwait Times

By Salah Al-Sayer

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