Kuwait's Al-Shaibi grabs the junior title

KUWAIT: England's Bowler Dominic Barrett won the 13th Kuwait International Open Tournament, which was the last round of the International League for 2019 - with prizes totaling $218 thousand. Meanwhile, America's Danielle McEwan won the women's title, while Kuwait's Suleiman Al-Shaibi won the junior title (for Kuwaitis only)

Barrett defeated Iceland's Arnar Johnson in the final match which marked the end of Kuwait Open at Kuwait Bowling Center with the participation of 112 players. Meanwhile Canada's Mitch Hupe ended in third place. He lost to Barrett in a decisive match while Vanezuella's Iidemaro Ruiz took fourth. Hong Kong's Michael Mak took fifth place. Barrette received top prize of $50 thousand, Johson won $25 thousand while Hupe $12 thousand.

The five players reached the decisive round for ending in the top five places during the third round which saw a strong struggle between 16 players in which Kuwait's Mustafa Al-Musawi ended in the 10th place and American woman Danielle McEwan ended in twelfth. McEwan defeated her compatriot Liz Johnson in the final match, leaving Columbia's Maria Rodreguez in third. In the Junior's category, Al-Shuaibi defeated Faisal Saleem in the final match, in which Ali Ashkanani took bronze.

By Abdellatif Sharaa