GRANADA: An employee sweeps after closing his business at Las Pasiegas Square at the end of a day's work in Granada, Spain on October 31, 2020. - AFP

CAPITALS: The State of Kuwait's Embassy in the United States of America has called on citizens in the US to take all necessary safety precautions. The embassy urged, in a statement early yesterday, the Kuwaiti nationals to abide by health guidelines from the US Centers for disease Control (CDC) and instructions by local authorities in this regard. The mission call came amid soaring numbers of COVID-19 casualties in the US.

Moreover, the embassy said the Kuwaiti Consulate and affiliate technical bureaus were reachable for any help on the following phone numbers: The State of Kuwait Embassy (Washington) (+1) 2022620758, the General Consulate of the State of Kuwait in New York: (+1) 9172426688, the General Consulate in Los Angeles: (+1) 3644279310, the Cultural Bureau in Washington: (+1) 2023642104, the Health Office in Washington: (+1) 2415320202, the Military Office in Washington: (+1) 2023903416, and the Cultural Bureau in Los Angeles: (+1) 4214666424.

Meanwhile, Kuwait advised its nationals in Spain to adhere to new coronavirus measures aimed at bringing down increasing infection rates in the country with Western Europe's highest caseload. Kuwaitis in all parts of Spain are strongly urged to follow the new rules as outlined by local authorities, said an embassy statement, emphasizing that COVID-19 infections continue to spread exponentially amid a nationwide state of emergency that has been extended by six months.

Regional authorities have been given the legal backing they need to control a second wave of the pandemic as they see fit, implementing measures that include curfews and total lockdowns in some regions. The embassy has provided the hotlines: (+34)913-86-96-66 or (+34)656-66-55-55 for all Kuwaitis in need of emergency assistance.

In the meantime, Kuwait has called on the need for its citizens in the Netherlands to adhere to partial coronavirus lockdown measures issued by local authorities, aimed to curb the spread of the disease. Kuwaitis were urged to keep abreast of further government guidelines related to the pandemic, expected later this week, and to commit to social distancing, Kuwait's embassy at The Hague said in a press statement.

The embassy has placed its services at the disposal of its nationals and is ready to provide all forms of assistance in the event of an emergency on the following telephone numbers: (+31)63-937-4157 (emergencies) and (+31)70-312-3409 (embassy).

Furthermore, Kuwait urged its citizens in Turkey to adhere to new coronavirus guidelines issued by local authorities and to exercise caution, particularly amid gatherings. In the event of an emergency, they were urged to contact Kuwait's embassy in Ankara on (+90)533-164-84-79, a statement read. Authorities in Turkey have issued preventative pandemic measures in public spaces, such as parks, beaches, restaurants and places of worship. - KUNA