Egypt’s winning a UN Security Council’s non-permanent seat for two years starting from January after it won 179 votes out of a total of 193 UN General Assembly members is absolutely a great achievement for a state that has always proved itself over its thousands of years long ancient history or its recent one.

It reflects a real public reaction from a people that longed for change and liberty while protecting their national identity and sovereignty.

This achievement actually reflects a great deal of international trust and a historic appreciation for a state that registered its history on pharaohs’ monuments. Ever since then, Egypt has been always against aggressors and won a unique prestige by the hands of its subjects in various scientific and practical fields, especially after cutting loose with international isolation and winning international, African, Asian and European trust.

In addition, Senegal, Japan, Ukraine and Uruguay won seats along with Egypt after each managed to win more than two-thirds of the votes.

These new members have been always calling for reforming the UN, especially in terms of voting within the Security Council and the veto power that is restricted to some member states that had been an obstacle against resolving many issues since the UN’s establishment 70 years ago.

Egypt will undoubtedly stand up for all Arab causes in the UN with the hot Palestinian cause on top of them during its two-year membership. It will also carry African causes such as development programs, fighting poverty and supporting peaceful solutions to many armed conflicts, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and terrorism crimes to the UN.

Events ongoing around the world highlight the significance of reforming the international organization to create multi-polar powers, especially since many issues have remained stagnant for so long, that a cold war between Security Council members is now clouding the horizon.

Skepticism between East and West has not changed despite changing some faces. So, we hope that we as well do not remain unchanged for ever. We should no longer stay as applauding audiences watching and getting enthusiastic whenever games by tycoons get competitive!

By Labeed Abdal

[email protected]