Egyptians duo held for forging govt contract

Weapons detectives carrying out a campaign in Abdullah Al-Mubarak
Weapons detectives carrying out a campaign in Abdullah Al-Mubarak

KUWAIT: Residency detectives arrested two Egyptian expats for providing a forged government contract. The arrest was under the supervision of Director General of Residency Affairs Detectives Brig Saud Al-Khader. Information was received about the two who provided a Ministry of Awqaf contract to the government contracts department on behalf of a contracting company, enabling it to get 220 workers. Both were sent to concerned authorities.

Weapons inspection
Weapons detectives carried out a campaign in Abdullah Al-Mubarak, part of the interior ministry’s strategy to complete the collection of weapons to safeguard citizens’ lives.

Drugs seized
Abdaly customs officers discovered 15 kg of hashish and one kilo of shabu hidden in an ice box with an expat.

Beddon killed
An elderly bedoon was killed in a collision near Jahra polyclinic. The 60-year-old died while being given first aid at the clinic.

Bedoon robbed

A 26-year-old bedoon told police his car was broken into and KD 3,800 was stolen from it.
Police arrested a citizen and a bedoon with a loaded pistol in Naeem. Both were taken to the police station for further action.

Asian drug pushed held
An Asian was arrested by airport customs officers with nearly one kilogram of heroin inside paper joints hidden in dried shrimps.

Drug dealer held
An American expat was arrested with 1,200 envelopes of “chemical” ready for sale, besides KD 13,000. He was sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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