Egyptian arrested for forging postal stamps

crimesKUWAIT: An Egyptian has been arrested for forging postal stamps. Security officers found more than 1200 forged stamps when he was caught. Sources said that the stamps were made in Egypt and then smuggled into Kuwait.

Fires across Kuwait
A School in Rabiya area caught fire yesterday. Firemen rushed to the scene and battled the blaze. The fire started in one of the rooms. No injuries were reported. Also, a house in residential Ahmadi area caught fire after midnight. The house was evacuated, and the fire was prevented from spreading elsewhere. Meanwhile, fire broke in a car following a car accident in Shaab area – prompting Hawally fire center to respond. The fire was put out and no injury was reported.

Police hunt for harasser
A citizen claimed that a harasser deliberately hit her car and damaged it after ignoring him on Blajat Road. She gave police the license plate number as she filed a complaint. Hawally detectives are looking for him.

Kuwaiti beats Indian
An Indian expat accused a citizen of assaulting and beating him in his garage after repairing his car. The Indian filed a complaint at Taima police station. According to the Indian, the Kuwaiti refused to pay for the repairs – claiming they were not done properly. In another development, a bedoon lost consciousness when he received a blow in the head during a fight with a citizen in Fintas. He was taken to Adan Hospital. The citizen was charged with assault.

Kuwaiti swindled
A citizen was swindled by a Syrian who told him he will import winter clothes from an Asian country to sell in a popular market owned by one of his relatives. The Syrian took KD 4500 from the Kuwaiti. The Syrian confirmed the citizen’s claims, but said he himself is a victim of another Asian – who were supposed to ship the clothes to Kuwait. Investigations are underway.

Wireless systems stolen
A thief stole wireless systems and electric equipment testing machine, after breaking in a company in Rawdatain area. The company lawyer told Jahra police that someone entered the company and threatened to kill the guard if he did not give the keys of the rooms. He then took five walky-talkies, a laptop and electric equipment tester before escaping. The license plate number was given to police.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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