Earth Insects

SaheyjiIS militants are not actually those we see traversing deserts or wandering on various city streets fully armed with weapons of death around their necks or waists with very long hair and thick beards. Those are mere followers. They are more like IS’ lice, because all its troops comprise of lice, fleas and young lice who are completely expendable if they happen to perish or be killed. They were actually sent there to be killed and ‘fumigated’ by allied forces bombers. There is no problem about that. On the contrary, that is the exact point of sending them, so as to be used as an excuse for major powers fighting IS to chase its members from one place to another, and on the other hand, get rid of those worthless scum and insects.

IS is not what we see. It is rather what we do not and what can only be seen by those who prepared, equipped, trained and armed it, inviting both the misled and the idiots to fund it and man it with those seeking paradise through killing and slaughter. Therefore, IS will always remain alive until the mission is accomplished.

IS is more like a flag bearer who advances before other troops, preparing new lands for new projects thought of by its creators so that the latter can come to launch such projects. This is what we are seeing and experiencing nowadays. Had it not been for IS, all those complications we see on land, in seas and in the skies, where mighty powers as well as regional Arab countries, would not have interfered in what might lead to a third world war that would put an end to several tiny ones going on here and there without achieving major powers’ interests so far. Such small wars are, in a way, doing more harm to those powers. Therefore, their interference has become a must to defend their major interests.

Hence came the idea of forming IS after Al-Qaeda’s role was completed by attacking the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11, justifying US interference in Afghanistan. We have to believe that major powers cannot go on without wars that act as a lifeblood they use to strengthen their muscles, support their economies and are used to testing their weapons, because new weapons are not manufactured to be stacked in storehouses. Stored weapons are ’emasculated’ ones and those powers never emasculate theirs. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saleh Al-Saheyji

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