KUWAIT: Criminal detectives are working on a case involving the theft of €85,000 in cash stolen from a money exchange shop in Farwaniya. It is feared the alleged two thieves may have left the country. Sources said two English-speaking men visited the money exchange shop and asked to buy €82,000 in cash. The two told the cashier they wanted to count the money and it was handed over. But when they finished, the ATM card they tried to pay with registered a zero balance. The two men told the cashier to keep the money aside while they visit the bank to see what was the problem. When they did not return, the cashier opened the bag, only to be surprised that they had swapped the euros for counterfeit notes. When security tapes were reviewed, it was discovered that the thieves had swapped the real notes with forged ones during the 'counting' process. The two are thought to be Russian and Turkish.


A restaurant was the scene of a fight that included seven Bangladeshi workers on one side, against various nationals including a Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian and some women. A source said the fight started because customers were concerned about the quality of the food served, with some suspecting that it was expired. The Bangladeshis filed a complaint at Jabriya police station. One of the men was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) after suffering a brain hemorrhage. In an unrelated incident, a Kuwaiti man was admitted to the ICU after being stabbed during a fight at a camp. Detectives went to Adan Hospital to question the person who brought the injured man there.

Armed robbery

Hawally and Jahra prosecutors asked detectives to look for three persons who robbed two Indians in Nugra and Doha. A security source said an Indian woman told Nugra police that she was robbed by a man with a knife, who took KD 100 and two mobiles from her while she was riding in an elevator. Meanwhile, an Indian man told Waha police he was robbed of KD 70 and a mobile phone.

Enraged camel

A Bangladeshi man had to be taken to hospital and admitted to the ICU after an enraged camel bit him in the head. His sponsor said the camel became angry without provocation and attacked the shepherd. - Translated from the Arabic press