Duo stole 32 cars, robbed 19 homes

Vehicles stolen by two suspects arrested yesterday

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested a Kuwaiti man and an Arab woman who stole cars whose owners left them with their engines running, and used the vehicles to commit home robberies. The two were caught while attempting to steal a car with its engine running. The two resisted arrest using sharp objects and one of them was injured. The two confessed to committing 51 thefts, including stealing 32 cars and robbing 19 homes. Much of the stolen material was found in their home.

Girl went missing
A woman went to Abu Halifa police station and told them her daughter did not return home and was not answering her phone. Policemen asked the mother to call relatives and friends to ask about her, so she left and did not come back. The woman then found her daughter’s car at Farwaniya Hospital, so she called police and told them her daughter was kidnapped, then lost consciousness. Police patrols went to the hospital and found the mother was undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, detectives are looking for the missing girl.

Immoral act
An Egyptian told police about an immoral act between a man and woman at a Jleeb mall. The Egyptian was shocked to see such indecent behavior, so he called police, who did not find the duo. The Egyptian said the man works in the mall and gave police his details. Detectives are investigating.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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