Duo arrested with 750 grams of ‘chemical’ drug

KUWAIT: Criminal security men arrested a citizen and a bedoon with possession of 750 grams of ‘chemical’; a variety of ‘Spice’ (synthetic cannabinoids) with added chemicals. The arrests came following tips that police received. Once authorities were sure the information was accurate, warrants were obtained and the two were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Inmates brawl
Two citizens and a bedoon exchanged blows inside the Jahra prosecution building, and beat a policeman, who attempted to break the fight. They also caused extensive injuries to themselves. The three were held in Jahra prosecution building over a felony. Before entering the prosecutor’s office, they exchanged words, which led to a fight that caused chaos in the building. Police interfered and controlled the three who were found injured, suffering from fractures and other severe wounds. They were sent to the public prosecution for further legal action.

Environmental violation
Environment police arrested an Egyptian driver who dumped sewer water in Salmi desert, as a citizen recorded video footage of his act. The video was circulated on social media showing the tanker truck’s driver dumping the sewer, then police began their investigation and identified the driver. He was sent to the prosecution for further legal action.

Swords smuggling
Doha port customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle large quantity of Samurai swords of various sizes arriving from Iran hidden between lemon, soap and bread sacks. Officers discovered the swords when they opened boxes marked ‘lemon,’ ‘soap’ and ‘bread.’ The swords and suspects were sent to concerned authorities.

Domestic violence
A citizen told police “I am not sorry for beating her and I thank Allah that I only beat her and nothing else,” as he was summoned following a complaint for beating his wife. He beat her as she was on the pill without her husband’s knowledge. A security source said police received a call about a domestic violence case, so they went to the house in Andalus and called an ambulance which took the wife to Farwaniya hospital. The husband said he saw the contraceptive pills, adding that her lack of pregnancy was disturbing him. Meanwhile the wife said she wanted to postpone pregnancy as she is still young (in her 30s). – Translated from the Arabic press

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