Drunk men sleep outside vehicle

KUWAIT: Two young men under the influence of liquor and drugs did not realize they were involved in a car accident and fell asleep outside the car. Police received a call about a collision near Jahra roundabout, where they found the car had hit the roundabout, and the two men sound asleep outside.

A Gulf national was taken to Mubarak Hospital when he lost consciousness during interrogation at Maidan Hawally police station after being charged of insulting a criminal detective. An officer earlier told police he had stopped two persons on suspicion of being drunk, but they insulted and attacked him.

Drug dealer caught
A drug dealer told police that he used the pistol they found at his home whenever he went to deliver drugs, and also kept it to use it should he get arrested. The Drugs Control General Department received tips about a citizen trading in drugs, so a warrant was obtained and his Jabriya home was raided, where hashish weighing more than one kilogram and a loaded pistol were found. The suspect confessed to possessing the drugs for trade and the firearm for self-defense.

A citizen accused several of his son’s friends of theft after he hosted them in his diwaniya. His son and one of his friends had gone out to buy snacks and drinks, but when they returned, they discovered the guests had stolen a PlayStation, seven controllers, and a bag that had medicine, the house keys and a smartphone in it.

Store front destroyed
A woman destroyed an ATV and smashed the glass facade of a store. A security source said the woman had parked her car in front of a store in the Qurain markets area, and instead of putting her car’s transmission in reverse, she placed it in drive and drove through the shop front.

Search for ‘bleeding’ man
A security source said a policeman at Taima police station was surprised by a bleeding man in a hysterical state storming the police station with an axe in his hand, who kept asking about a man who caused his injuries during a fight. The man escaped when other officers arrived. Police are looking for him.

Physical assault
A Syrian woman accused her two Kuwaiti neighbors of beating her in front of her Abu Halifa flat and filed a complaint against them. The Syrian said she had previous differences with the attackers, and both are being summoned for questioning.

Grenades found
Military engineers dealt with hand grenades found in the Mutlaa desert. – Translated from the Arabic press

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