Drunk man arrested at police station; Raid on liquor factory

Eight people arrested inside a liquor factory in Sabah Al-Salem yesterday.
Eight people arrested inside a liquor factory in Sabah Al-Salem yesterday.

KUWAIT: A man was charged with damaging state property and drunkenness. A security source said that the citizen had first entered Nugra police station, very nervous, so he was asked to meet the officer in charge, there he raised his voice. Then when the officer asked him to calm down, he broke the glass of the officer’s desk. It was found out he was extremely drunk.

Three survive fire
Two children and a woman were rescued by firemen as flames trapped them in an Ishbiliya house. The fire department received a call about a fire in the ground floor of the house. The woman and children were saved and handed over to paramedics for treatment from suffocation, as firemen fought the blaze.

Armed robbery
A man filed a robbery at knife point complaint at Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh police station. He said that a man stopped him and asked him to hand over his mobile phone, while others placed a knife on his neck and took away his wallet which contained KD 30 and his civil ID.

Liquor factory
Mubarak Al-Kabeer police raided a liquor factory in Sabah Al-Salem, and arrested two women and six men with possession of 450 bottles and 165 barrels filled with homebrewed liquor. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities.

A lawyer told Khaitan police that a company owned by a member of the ruling family was swindled by an unknown person who hacked the account of an employee and asked him to transfer the money of previous dealings. The suspect took KD 11,779 in the process.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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