KUWAIT: A lawyer and her friend were found extremely drunk in Hawally area as a police patrol stopped their car. Both were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Illegal entry

Nuwaiseeb border outlet officers arrested a Pakistani expat for attempting to enter the country illegally. A customs source said security men spotted him as he was attempting to enter into country. He told investigators that another Pakistani hid him in his vehicle in exchange of SR3000.

Filipina 'raped'

A Filipina was sent to the Forensic Department to determine her claims of being raped by a Kuwaiti. A security source said a 49-year-old Filipina lodged a complaint at Nugra police station stating that she was raped by a Kuwaiti. The Deputy Prosecutor was informed and he ordered the case be registered as "Sex Without Consent".

28 sheep stole

The son of a ministry's undersecretary reported a theft to Qashaniya police station. He said the incident took place around 3:00 pm. He said unknown persons climbed over the fence of his father's farm in Abdaly, opened the door from inside and stole 28 sheep. Police are investigating.

Murdered or suicide?

A high ranking source said investigators are still holding a female Pakistani expat and her husband's friend for questioning over the death of her husband. The two are suspected of having an illicit relationship. Authorities are trying to determine whether the deceased was murdered or if he committed suicide as alleged. Police earlier, received a call about a man who was seen falling from a height. They later found the body of the Pakistani man and handed the body to the forensics.

Maid's ordeal

The ordeal of the Ethiopian maid whose sponsor filmed her while falling from the window on the seventh floor seems not to end, as her lawyer Ghazi Al-Khudhari said her client has been moved from Mubarak Hospital to the police station where she is held on absconding charge - facing deportation. The lawyer has asked the Interior Ministry to send the maid to a housing center, until her condition is stabilized. The maid told the Public Prosecution that she was not attempting suicide but rather, she was trying to escape from the house. - Al Rai