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Driving license, inspection rules to be toughened

KUWAIT: The traffic department at the interior ministry is preparing new regulations for granting expatriates driving licenses, which will be submitted to the interior minister after the formation of the new government for approval.

“The new conditions include increasing the minimum salary requirement for expatriates applying for a driving license. Moreover, only certain professions will be allowed to obtain a driving license,” sources said, indicating these conditions aim to reduce traffic congestion on the streets, which traffic studies claim is due to the large number of expatriate motorists.

“Moreover, large number of expatriates who work in basic professions and use vehicles benefit from the lenient conditions for obtaining a driving license compared to conditions applied in neighboring countries,” sources added.

“Other decisions will be issued by the traffic department related to the technical inspection of vehicles, which may prevent the registration of more than 20,000 vehicles over 15 years old. The traffic department has found many loopholes in how these vehicles obtain technical inspection approval,” sources explained.

“The participation of the Environment Public Authority in the examination of vehicles with the traffic department, if implemented in a comprehensive manner, can permanently remove such vehicles from use. Otherwise, their owners will be subject to traffic fines and insurance will not be granted for them,” sources added.

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