Dos and dos

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning dear brothers and sisters, and I wish you all a happy vacation. In this article, I would like to highlight things that are not supposed to happen here in Kuwait but still happen due to a lack of respect, selfishness, boredom, ego and numerous irresponsible behaviors. The title of today’s article seems a little weird – it should read “Dos and don’ts” instead but because many people here do it according to the dos in places and in situations that require the don’ts. I will give a few examples to make the picture a little bit clear for my honorable readers.

You go to see the doctor and the door of the doc says: Please do not knock on the door, but many do.

You go to see the doctor and the door sign also says do not enter when a patient is inside, but they still go in without permission.

You go out to the nearby grocery store and find a few irresponsible people parking in the handicapped zone even with the sign clearly saying: Park in my space and take my disability – but they still do.

You drive along the highway abiding by the law and the traffic regulations and here comes a maniac tailgating you, wanting you to fly and let him pass as if he or she has got a real emergency case, and a few meters away he stops for the red signal and smokes his electronic cigarette, not caring for the chaos he had just made.

The housemaid here is to help and care for them, yet many delay their salaries, put more burdens on them and deprive them of their necessities such as rest period, mobile and a weekly day off.

Littering the streets while the helpless cleaning boy is watching is an irresponsible behavior and falls within the framework of the don’ts, but many still do, adding to his misery in this scorching heat.

You go to the mall and park legally and there comes a fellow or a lady and without prior notice he or she blocks your car and leaves to eat with the family, making you wait a few hours before he or she shows up with a big smile saying “sorry”.

You drive at night and there comes an erratic person flashing his or her high beam lights, causing an unwanted accident.
A new song comes out and hundreds of people try to challenge that song through manic activities, where they leave the car running and come out of it and try to challenge that lady. I bet that if the singer of that song knew that our people would engage in such irresponsible behaviors, he would not have sung it.

Finally, I wish to see the dos and don’ts fit in their appropriate categories and not end up as dos as always.

Till the next article insha Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam

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