KUWAIT: Official sources said Dhaman Health Hospitals Company said it is ready to render its integrated health services before the end of the year for those working in the private sector. Dhaman Health Hospitals Company opened two large hospitals with a capacity of 660 beds as well as 12 centers for primary health care. Arabi Company won 26% of the strategic share, while the government owns 24%.

The remaining 50% is for the citizens, which the government will pay on their behalf. Dhaman was established in 2014 as a joint entity between the public and private sectors with a capital of KD 230 million ($750 million) within a government plan to provide health care for residents in exchange for the annual health insurance they pay, away from that given to citizens by the government.

Sources expected the health ministry to start gradually transferring residents working in the private sector to Dhaman hospitals starting next year. This will be followed by residents working in the government sector, such as doctors, teachers, legal advisors, and others.