KUWAIT: A woman lodged a complaint to the Interior Ministry's Undersecretary Mahmoud Al-Dosari, stating that she was summoned by vice detectives who threatened to take legal action against her if she fails to hand over passports of two of her former employees. The woman explained to the detectives that she already had filed absconding cases against the two Filipina women who used to work at her beauty salon, adding that she did not have their passports. Detectives later released the woman but refused to provide her with the name of the person who pressed charges against her or any other information. She then went ahead and filed a complaint with the undersecretary for defamation.

Banned drugs

Criminal detectives learned about an Egyptian doctor who sold banned medicines used for abortion. They obtained a warrant to raid his house, where they found a large quantity of the medicine inside the kitchen that he had turned into a lab to prepare the illicit drugs. The man told police that a pharmacist helped him in making the drugs, adding that the man has left the country.


Jahra prosecutor ordered an investigation to be opened into a forced robbery case involving a Bangladeshi man working for the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, who said that he was stopped by an unknown person who mugged him at knifepoint. The man tried to escape, but the thief chased him, tore his clothes off and stole his mobile phone.


A Kuwaiti youth was detained at Al-Dhahar police station for nuisance. A security source said a citizen told police that his son gets drunk with his friends on a daily basis and asked that officers come over and try to wake the young man up.

Bitter ex

An Egyptian man sought police's help to save him from a Moroccan woman, saying that she stormed his house and threatened to hurt him after he broke up with her. The woman was summoned by police and confessed to the charges. Police are investigating. - Translated from the Arabic press