Dependent visa, lawful right

Some decisions are subject to cancellation or freezing because they do not rhyme with public tendencies. This applies for the recent decision not to renew residency visas for expatriates’ parents and siblings. Some people hailed the decision with the excuse that it would reduce pressure on health services and facilities. However, very few bought such justifications before lawmakers and columnists criticized the decision.

The main motive for rejecting such a decision was the negative impact it might have on Kuwait’s reputation, namely after earning the title of the Humanitarian Center. For long decades, Kuwait has been building and funding the construction of scores of hospitals worldwide in the form of lending a hand of benevolence to various people who took our side during the Iraqi invasion crisis. In addition, we have so many businessmen whose benevolence is very graceful to use.

Kuwait has been known as a state or luxury and benevolence for which we are so thankful to almighty Allah and it would be okay if we assist some needy people. What about those living amongst us? In my article last week, I said that expatriates have come to Kuwait legally. They did not come out of the blue or suddenly appear as desert truffles. They must be welcomed as long as they respect our laws. We can solve the demography problem in some other way. We must fight fake companies, especially those so many dare not to approach instead of turning the lives of expats, working hard to earn a living and build modern Kuwait, into hell.-Translate by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Mohammed Al-Jalahma

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