Degrees’ forgery suspect earned KD 3 million

KUWAIT: A man suspected of forging university degrees told the court that he collected nearly KD 3 million in exchange of around 600 certificates he sold to people. The 32-year-old Kuwaiti man said during a recent hearing at the Criminal Court that he sold each forged certificate for KD 4,500, adding that he received the payments in installments and that each degree took three years to be issued from an Arab country, Al-Qabas reported yesterday without naming that state.

The man further explained that he cooperates with a person living outside Kuwait who helped them carry out each transaction, adding that he made his deals with the certificates’ buyers at his office in Kuwait. meanwhile, a source familiar with the case said that some of the people who bought fake degrees from the suspect have been able to continue their higher studies, while others were employed in the public sector.

Those employees will be summoned, questioned and if found guilty, will be released and ordered to pay back all salaries they have received. The main suspect faces multiple swindling and forgery charges. – Al-Qabas

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