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Defense minister orders officers’ detention over deaths of 2 cadets

Joint investigative panel formed – Sheikh Nasser leaves to pursue medical treatment

KUWAIT: First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah attends the funeral of the cadets. — KUNA

KUWAIT: First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah yesterday issued a decision to form a joint investigation committee after two cadets died at Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy. Sheikh Nasser also issued instructions to the army chief of staff Lt Gen Mohammad Al-Khader to detain a number of officers, non-commissioned officers and trainers at Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy. The directorate of moral guidance and public relations at the defense ministry issued a statement saying that Sheikh Nasser’s instructions are to refer the detainees to the joint investigation committee to examine the circumstances of the student officers’ deaths, who passed away on Wednesday at the academy.
The statement referred to the arrestees, namely the commander of Ali Al-Sabah Military College and assistant director of educational affairs. The arrestees are also from the directorate of educational affairs, the arms wing commander, the students’ affairs commander and the assistant commander of the battalion. They also include students’ affairs command officers. namely commander of the student officers, commander of the student cadets and from the weapons wing, the weapons agent and four weapons trainers.

The directorate of moral guidance and public relations said the joint investigation committee consists of the ministry of defense represented by the military judicial authority, ministry of health and ministry of justice. The committee will investigate recent and previous death cases and use the help of any other authority to get to the facts, the statement added.
The committee will submit a comprehensive report of the conclusions and recommendations to take the necessary legal action on the deaths of current and former officers at Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy and Ahmed Al-Jaber Air College, the statement noted. According to the statement, Sheikh Nasser stressed on taking all necessary actions against the responsible officers and that he will follow up the investigations of the committee directly to monitor all the proceedings and access to the results so that the culprits can be held accountable.

He also emphasized his concern for students’ safety and provision of full care for them throughout their training at the military academy. Sheikh Nasser thanked Minister of Justice and Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Fahd Al-Afasi and Health Minister Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah for their cooperation with the ministry of defense to form a joint investigation committee, which reflects the role and importance of efforts among the various ministries of the state.

Later yesterday, Sheikh Nasser left the country to continue his medical treatment abroad in response to the medical team’s advice. The ministry of defense affirmed in a statement that Sheikh Nasser had come back to Kuwait to take part in funeral of the two student officers. The minister on Thursday chaired a session of the military defense council, ordering firm and immediate measures to determine the circumstances of the students’ demise. – KUNA

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