(From left) Dr Anwar Mohammad, Dr Sulaiman Marafie and Dr Eman Al-Shawaf

KUWAIT: Three scientists, representing the Dasman Diabetes Institute, attended the National Diabetes Institute (NADI) Diabetes Asia Conference (DAC) 2019 recently in Malaysia. Since 2002, the National Diabetes Institute (NADI) of Malaysia organizes the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) conferences to create a platform that emphasizes on the latest advance in diabetes research. The DAC 2019 is an event that hosted diabetes researchers from across Asia to share their latest research findings to improve diabetes care. Dr Eman Al-Shawaf, Dr Sulaiman Marafie and Dr Anwar Mohammad attended the conference and presented their scientific work in the poster displays. Dr Sulaiman Marafie was awarded first prize for the best poster presented at the conference.

As the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes increases across the world, its increase is more evident in developing countries including Kuwait and Malaysia. It is the Institute's mission to address the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait through diabetes research and diabetes-based initiatives that aim to educate the public on the latest diabetes treatment, management and prevention options. Dasman Diabetes Institute was established in 2006 by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences to tackle the diabetes epidemic in Kuwait through focused diabetes research, integrated prevention, training and education.